Titles by Riaan

Why The Throne Room EtiquetteI have always been aware of my own spirituality. In the last decade my search for the Kingdom of heaven and understanding of it had deepened.

In my search for an ever growing understanding about eternity and the destiny of humanity I became curious about the correct protocol that would be acceptable in the presence of the creator God.

I started my search for a guide line on the correct manner in witch to approach God in a way that would be appropriate and respectful. Like most people I asked google. To my surprise no one out there could tell me. I decided that some thing needed to be written.

The journey began and Throne Room Etiquette was spawned. The process was one where I learnt new things all the time and the greatest challenge in putting Throne Room Etiquette together was not in getting the book published. It is maintaining a life that speaks of living the content that is Throne Room Etiquette.

THRONE ROOM ETIQUETTE has been the culmination of about 15 Years of personal research and give or take 18 months of writing and preparation.

By Divine grace the book will achieve in the heart of all its readers a burning desire to grow and mature to a place where they become an asset to the Kingdom of Heaven and reproduce true obedient believers that honor and serve the one true God.