My Thanks

Book Author Riaan da HortaFirst and foremost of every one that deserves recognition and my gratitude for making it possible to have, not only to publish Throne Room Etiquette, but also every aspect of my life that had brough me to the place where it is, will be my King and Saviour Jesus. Without His influence, patience, training, teaching, and investment in me I would never have reached this place in my journey through life. To my King I pledge my service in gratitude for His grace.

Second on my list is my amazing wife, friend, confidant, and anchor in life. Freda has been the one person in my life that has kept me grounded focused and often on track toward making this success happen. She has been and continues to be my compass in life. My angel. Thank you.

The other people that have been key contributors to my success will have to be Dave Gilbert. To a trusted, respected, knowledgeable friend I must say thank you. Not just for being a nice guy but for being an honourable gentleman. You are certainly on my very short list of people I call friends.

To the people that added value along the journey to the final product of Throne Room Etiquette I must extend my thanks to:-

My wonderful wife Freda, for nit picking the bugs out of the manuscript.

Nicolas Trytsman, a sound minded believer.

Rudi de Meyer, who commented from the heart.

Dave Gilbert and Brain Wickely for saying the right things at the right time.


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