The #GrowMySpirit initiative is intended to encourage the mindset in the hearts of Bible believing Christians the world over.

The #GrowMySpirit movement is part of a bigger picture that promotes the development of Spiritual Maturity, and ultimately spiritual duplication toward a relationship based discipleship objective. The pinnacle of the vision is to encourage growing relationships between the Lord Jesus and the children who hold to His promises of salvation and freedom in Him.

#GrowMySpirit is the first part of two in a journey toward becoming a faithful servant in the Lord’s house. The second part is where I encourage spiritual duplication. As we become mature believers our natural progression will gravitate toward fruit bearing.

I believe that spreading the Gospel of salvation in Jesus is very important. I also believe that it should be followed up with the development of ourselves through the renewing of our minds, and a growing relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Personal investment in our own growth by actively seeking out ways to develop our understanding of God’s Kingdom through His word, and commitment to the Lord’s purpose, will inevitably result in us becoming the makers of disciples that Jesus had envisioned us to become.

I encourage any one that has a desire to become part of this move to use the #GrowMySpirit while interacting in social media posts that have served as inspiration to their personal growth.

If you would like to know more about becoming part of this network of growing believers, you need to get in touch so that we can get you plugged into more support for your journey toward spiritual liberty.


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