Who Is Riaan da Horta
Riaan was born in the early seventies. In his growing year he spent most of his school years in boarding school. During his high school career he had joined the school SCA (School Christian Association), and his spiritual journey begun with a fresh commitment……Find Out More Here

Is Throne room Etiquette available in stores?
 We have and will continue to encourage stores to stock our book.

At the moment Throne Room Etiquette is available only from the author but be sure to keep an eye on our page for updates on which store is added to partners in distributing copies.

Is Throne Room Etiquette available on line?
 Absolutely Yes!! Copies are available for purchase from any one of our online distributors where it can be ordered in paperback or digital format from any where in the world.

You can also check it out and order your copy here on this site (Order Page) any time after our official book launch on September 12th.

Can I order my copy directly from the author?
 Yes. Our office has copies in stock and will supply copies on order. We will gladly mail it to you. The cost will be the authors price and postage.

Are discounts available for bulk orders?
 Yes indeed. We offer a discount to churches or stores for bulk orders and will be happy to discuss the terms of any bulk orders.