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Book Author Riaan da Horta“Riaan is still a full time employee and shift worker in his local law enforcement service unit, while he is maintaining a strong commitment to his family and home life in an effort to provide an example of maturity for believers.

He has an ongoing commitment to promote spiritual maturity among the people of God’s Kingdom, and has a desire to see this vision of Throne Room Etiquette rolled out to as many people as is willing to recieve it. He will make every reasonable effort to availe himself to attend requests for an apearance. It is how ever not always possible for us to guarantee that every request will be serviced.

If you would like to request Riaan to attend your event it is our request that you contact us as early as possible to that we can try to find a way to avail ourself.

Because we are based in Durban it will be a lot easier for us to accomodate requests for apearances in our local geographical region. Please feel free to contact our office to request or discuss an apearance of Riaan da Horta or a book promotion or signing.

Where ever it is possible we would like to partner with believers to advance the Kingdom of Heaven.”

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