Riaan da Horta

Riaan da Horta was born in the early seventies.

In his growing year he spent most of his school years in boarding school.

During his high school career he had joined the school SCA (School Christian Association), and his spiritual journey begun with a fresh commitment.

In spite of involvement in the SCA his search for personal fulfillment had him chase after personal recognition in extra curricula activities by joining activities like the public speaking team the drama team, the choir, and chess teams, among other. In his grade eleven year he attended a CSA camp in Winkel Spruit where he discovered and received the gift of salvation.

He completed high school in the late eighties, completed his national service and soon after wrapped up a two year diploma at Dunamis Bedieninge in Germiston South Africa.

A few years later he relocated to Durban and joined the municipal police department and has been a serving member of the service ever since. During his almost twenty years of service he became a respected member of the service among his peers.

Early in 2014 Riaan started investing himself in writing his first book called Throne Room Etiquette.

Toward the middle of 2015 Riaan became a published author and a new chapter of his life began.

“Riaan is not bound to any specific denomination and hold to bible based teaching. His core focus is to promote spiritual maturity in the lives of everyone he encounters.  His focus is to promote the basic rudementary principles of spiritual growth in order to promote duplication of true discipleship in the hearts of growing numbers of believers.”

Throne Room Etiquette