Throne Room Etiquette is a realistic perspective of our relative position to our God has been distorted by life, teaching and misconceptions about actual meanings of scripture. The Throne Room Etiquette series challenges and motivate its readers to read study and find the truth for them self and not just accept teaching on face value.

Throne Room Etiquette is Riaan da Horta’s first foray into Christian writing. This book is aimed at both new and mature Christians seeking a deeper experience of the presence of God, more specifically from the perspective of how to approach the Creator of all the Universe.

Introducing the book with a review of his personal spiritual journey, Riaan writes from the perspective of one who was seeking, who has experienced “back-sliding” and life’s challenges, yet also from the perspective of a serving Metro Police officer and many of his analogies and vignettes refer back to this life on the frontline. (Dr. T. Hardcastle)

For the committed believer Throne Room Etiquette is in fact a must have and a very enlightening read !!!

12 Wrokshops to grow your spirit

12 Workshops to grow your spirit

It’s finally here!! 

The Trone Room Etiquette Work Book Set has finally arrived.  a twelve book study guide toward a powerful understanding for Kingdom principles.  To find our more click here.

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5 stars

I am soooo excited – cannot wait for this book launch – have had a sneak peak – and wow – now I just must have my very own copy – in fact I have pre-ordered

Steve Boxall